Our sight routes are based around the city entre, exploring the city through narrow allyways and cobblestone roads. We offer a view of the city from the locals prespective, and avoid the main tourist traps.


“Bergen in a nutshellis aroute where you will explore some of thebest of what Bergen city centre can offer. You will see some of the best sights, get some of the best views over the city, and explore some of the most picturesque parts of the city. We start at sea level, elevate quickly to a wonderful mountain road with beautiful views, through small alleys down to the city again, along the small lake in city centre, around the Nordnes peninsula and back to the start. 

  • Prices from EUR 60
  • Level: Easy 
  • Time: 60 min
  • Distance: Approx 7 km
  • Groups on request


This route let you discover the unique place called "Old Bergen", which is a collection of old, wooden houses in Sandviken as well as the main sights in the city.It is a relatively flat route in the beginning before the tour goes uphill into Fjellveien and back to the city giving you a fantastic scenery in addition to a good exercise. This trip combines the best of our two Nutshell trips.

  • Prices from EUR 82
  • Level: Easy 
  • Time: 90 min
  • Distance: Approx 12km
  • Groups on request


As the name of the route indicates, this is a variation of “Bergen in a nutshell”, but is a relatively flat jogging route staying mostly at sea level. This route offers almost the same sights as the “Bergen in a nutshell”, including picturesque views close to the city centre and the Nordnes peninsula, but it is shorter and only takes 40-45 minutes.