Experience Bergen on the run!

Sight running in and around the City

For more than 10 years we've been doing running tours in and around the city of Bergen and the surrounding mountains. We're currently rebranding, formerly known as Joggetur/Bergen jogging experience, we make an exit from an hiatus during the pandemic as Bergen Running Tours. Only the name changes, the people and the baseline product remain the same.


If you wish to book while we're in transit and figuring out the things we need to have the site on order, please visit our international partner Go Running Tours to check our tours and make a booking. If you have any inquiries ship us and e-mail.

Popular tours


Level: Easy (with some hills)

Time: 80 min
Price: from EUR 66

Bergen in a nutshell

Level: Easy

Time: 60 min
Price: from EUR 60


Level: Advanced

Time: 3-4 hours
Price: from EUR 82


Level: Easy

Time: 90  min
Price: from EUR 82